Mid-week Bible Groups

Our midweek bible and discovery groups meet on a Wednesday evening. Phil and Jackie’s group provides is a discovery group aimed at those exploring the faith, those just starting out and those wanting to build more on what they know. This group meets in the Church.

Bill and Heather’s group is a deeper dig into the passage we will study the following Sunday, providing opportunity for discussion and sharing insights. This group meets at Dave and Lauren’s house.

The first week of every month the two groups join together in the church for a time of prayer.

These are for anyone who wants to get involved – speak to one of the church elders of the home groups leaders and they will be able to head you in the right direction.

Ebenezer Church, Talbot Green

This group is a discovery group for those exploring Christianity, new Christians & those wanting to build on their faith. It is an informal setting. We enjoy unpacking the bible along side social evenings, meals, etc. We all have a laugh and it's a place to build relationships, encourage & support.

Contact: phil.lewis@hotmail.com

Dave and Lauren’s house

We meet together to read the Bible & share what we have learned. We generally look at the topic coming up on Sunday and find it helps to think about it together. It is a supportive network for prayer & building relationships.

Contact: w.j.capper@btinternet.com